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Life Enriching Activity Fund is an opportunity for members to access financial assistance to enrich, enhance or augment an activity the member currently participates in or is interested in.


Life Enriching Activity Fund – Questions & Answers

Is the LEAF Program the same as Activity Funding Program?

Yes. The LEAF Program is the same as Activity Funding Program, but the Activity Funding Program is not the same as LEAF. In the LEAF Program, our focus is on “freedom of choice”. We want our members to determine what is life-enriching for them.


Does it matter whether I apply for Fall LEAF or Spring LEAF?

There is no difference in the two funding periods. The idea behind two funding periods is to ensure every member has equal access to funding programs. Depending on the anticipated date, duration, and nature of the activity, it is up to the member to decide which funding period is most convenient.


What’s my member number?

It’s no problem if you can’t find your member number, just send in the application and we will look it up by last name.