As part of the Planning Program , a number of resources have been developed to assist families in their efforts to secure a decent quality of life for the person with Cerebral Palsy. Two Resource Manuals are now available:

  1. Removing the Mystery – An Estate Planning Guide for Families of People With Disabilities
  2. The Trustee Reference Manual – A Guide for Trustees of a Henson Trust.

Both manuals were written by Graeme Treeby, the parent of a daughter with multiple disabilities He is the founder of The Special Needs Planning Group (

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The purpose Removing the Mystery is to assist you in planning to provide the financial resources required to carry out the goals, dreams and visions that should be developed as part of a Life Plan of the person with a disability. We address estate planning issues that relate directly to providing for your child with a disability. 160 Pages.

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The purpose of the Trustee Reference Manual is to assist you in managing and utilizing the financial resources set aside to carry out the goals, dreams and visions that are part of a Life Plan of the person with a disability. We address Trusteeship and Ontario Disability Support Program issues that relate to assisting a Trustee of a Henson Trust that has been established to provide for the person with a disability. 154 pages.

Additional Planning Resources